Rappers’ love for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

johnny cageIf you’re like us, you had a Sega Genesis and played Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat religiously back in the 90s. You argued with your buddies about who was better, Ken or Ryu (of course, Ken – that hurricane kick was deadly). Sub-Zero or Scorpion (come on now, Scorpion! Get over here!). You also had notebook paper full of combination and finishing moves. Although I don’t play it anymore, I am still reminded of how much ass kicking was done by the characters in that game by rappers comparing themselves to these individuals. I hear these references pretty often, I guess they were die-hards like we were too. Nonetheless, here are 10 quotes of rappers referencing Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat characters I caught on the fly. Continue reading

NBA Street Vol. 2

Who remembers NBA Street Vol. 2? That game was crazy fun to play. Those who do got to remember the banging soundtrack that it had. It made the game even better. It was a mixture of old school and current hip hop. Not until long after, I found out that Just Blaze was behind some the music of the game. Now identifying and putting a name to my three favorites I can remember from the game that amped up my gameplay. By coincident, Just Blaze produced them all. The overall soundtrack production was dynamic and did a good job capturing that true playground basketball feel.  Damn I miss that game, one of my favorites for sure. Games like Madden and NBA Live/2K have nice hip hip tracks on them but I dont know if I heard any quite like NBA Street Vol.2. Continue reading