The Kendrick Lamar Song From GKMC that I Almost Missed Out On

So the story behind this post begins with me listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Tim Westwood freestyle. I like listening to that particular freestyle because the beat is so chill. His lyrics also entrap the listeners’ ear straight out the gate. It’s like he silently says “come here and let me tell you a story”. I’ve listened to this joint so many times that in my mind it’s a separate entity and I didn’t want to associate any of the lyrics to any particular songs. Well I knew that Continue reading


You can start to hear lyricism creep back into the music of today and it’s something that shouldn’t go without attention so here’s the verses we would like to shed some light this past year.
1. Chance the Rapper – Long Time [verse 1]

“I saw reflection in a toilet full of vomit water, you’ll think I felt your hand on my head yelling call his father, but people don’t hear ghost, so how they gon play me” How can you make such a serious situation sound so funny, now that’s talent if I ever seen it in my life. “like how you got the drive, but don’t know how to drive a stick shift” Agony and resilience are what I hear when I listen to this verse. Continue reading