Virtual Insanity

Now this takes me back to seeing this on MTV nonstop back in ’97. Back when music videos were music videos, that moving floor threw me in a daze. What a great track, love this joint. Continue reading

Mausi – Move

Every once in a while on my voyage to find songs that have the same or a better feel that MGMT’s “Electric Feel” I get lucky enough to come across some true gems and this song by Mausi is truly one of those gems. I don’t have to tell you to enjoy this one because you will have no choice once you push that play button.

J.Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story Review

A very short build up for the album. Just J.Cole and some friends in the studio and somebody basically wants to hear how Cole got his deal, then it kind of fades from there.

Dollar and A Dream III

The intro of this song sounds so epic. The way the strings elegantly build and flow with the bass and drums is soothing. The mood of the song is very serious. This song especially gives you the feeling that you get when you listen to that The Warm Up tape but it’s a little more developed. The song kind of loses it’s mysterious feel whenever the strings fade out of the beat. Cole mostly raps about his motivations and what he’s about. Nice sample Continue reading