Dog came in the den and made a mess and then asked for the broom

The first time I heard this as a teenager it had me tripping and laughing my ass off. Lil Wyte knows how to illustrate a drug experience. Shout to Juicy J for that beat, smh. “whoa….Whoa…..WHOA!”

“Take a 7 hour nap, wake up 7 minutes later”

“Called the Fire Department and told em I had a flame up on my back”

“Feeding Doritos to a tree, a million spiders after me….(Im on acid!)….aww come on I bet he cant eat just one”


Pat came on in the shuffle during a late night run to the store the other night. It brought back great memories of riding out to various HCP jams in high school. Pat’s catalog is filled with bangers. Everyone should have such jams on an old burnt CD somewhere.

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