The Roots – And Then You Shoot Your Cousin Album Review

I like most of the The Roots’ albums but I’ve loved the last two. Let’s see what I think about this one…


Theme From Middle Of The Night
A start that you might skip the first time but listen to this one. Its perfectly placed to start the story along. Talk about a somber tone. Love Nina Simone.

Only the lonely love
Only the sad of soul
Wake and begin their day in the middle of the night
To breakfast on their pride
Where joys and tears just dried
To breakfast with the moon
In the middle of the night
Then to cut once more, my miserly hoard
Of your kisses in this darkness restored
To grasp your absent grace
In desperate embrace
To make your false heart true
Middle of the Night…The night

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The Morning Coffee Run….

“who needs a chain when every thought’s a jewel?”

I started listening to The Roots new album, Undun, this morning during the morning coffee run and this Kool On track came on just captured the feeling of my early morning drive so well. Maybe it was the repeating yell in the track, the funky guitar or the strong verse from Black Thought, Greg Porn or Truck North. Whatever the case is, its a nice, smooth track that is only one of the many Undun tracks that I enjoyed during my drive this morning. Take a listen below. If you like this, cop that Undun album.

The Roots – Kool On (ft. Greg Porn & Truck North)

What would The Roots sound like without Black Thought?

I got to thinking tonight while I was watching The Roots perform on tv and I was so drawn in by the whole composition of their music. Black Thought’s flow was effortless and it meshed so well with their instruments. At that moment I started to think what if Black Thought never was part of The Roots, what would their music sound like. I want to know what others think about that scenario too. Here’s what I came up with Continue reading

Inspiration: Kendrick Lamar

“I’ll tell you what I don’t believe in….can I do that?….alright…I don’t believe in the laws or the system by any means whatsoever…I try not to obey them at any time…..ha ha..that’s what I believe in, not believing in…(‘so what keeps you alive?)…4 big bottles of water a day, 2 packs of Marlborough reds, and I don’t ugh…fuck keeps me alive shit…ummhh…music!…I have to listen to music all day long, I’d say that keeps me going, I’m a pretty dark person I thought about it ending it a million times…I’d have to say that music keeps me here by far the main thing….THANK YOU”

Trackback: Eric B. & Rakim’s Juice (Know the Ledge)

As many probably already know, Rakim and the Roots recently linked and performed “Paid in Full“. That got me thinking about when I used to be addicted to Rakim’s songs. Just wanted to take it back a little.

“suckas get smacked up, suckas get smacked up”(one of the memorable scratches from Juice)
***DAMN u EMI if you take this video down