It’s Friday, bump this classic on your way to work this morning….

IFWT-NAS-AZ-OLDRoll all your windows down, stick your arm out, bob your head slowly and cruise to this…

Nas & AZ – How Ya Livin

AZ – Doe or Die Album Review

az front

Sosa’s 1995 debut has been getting plenty bump from me lately and just so happen that this time, I had a keyboard in front of me and not a steering wheel. Lets get into this gem.

Whats its all about?!!? “Doe or Die, kid!”

Uncut Raw
No need for lactose. Til this day, this is one of my favorite AZ tracks. Its gritty, sinister and the verses trump his most famous verse from “Life’s A B$$$h” (ok, maybe I’m buggin but its pretty damn good). Hence the title, this is the purest lyrical form of Anthony Sosa. A short but enjoyable track that is worthy of a repeat. The hidden gem of the album in this one.

Poverty-stricken, they even turn a church kid into stickin
It seems sickenin, but what? Whatever makes the pockets thickin Continue reading

Some of the best statement verses…Part 1

Every now and then you have a new artist thats on a record that just steals the show and bodies the track. They are making a statement like “I’m nice”. Well here were a few I could think of…

Cormega on Mobb Deep’s “What’s Your Poison” (1999)

Fairly new at the time, Cormega easily stole the show on this. His flow and the lyrical venom he spit was just incredible. At this point, you knew he would be great. Continue reading