Enjoy Some Pure Funk on My Born Day!

It’s my birthday and all the music that I listen to will be pure funk, something worthy of dancing to. I’m about to go cop a 40 and chill, enjoy!
Old School Funk:
Zapp & Roger – More Bounce to the Ounce

Modern Funk:
The Cool Kids – Boomin

Chuck Inglish – Wrkout (beat tape review)

Usually I am not a big instrumental fan but some producers just resonate with me more than others. I like producers who stay true to themselves and produce whatever they like not the flavor of the month. If I were to have my dream beat tape it would consist of tracks that embody the spirit of funk. Hard hitting drums, stanky synths, and dried out horn tones. With today’s up-and-coming producers moving towards the futuristic sounds I have my ears open and glued to the speakers. It just so happens that Chuck Inglish is one of the producers that falls into that group. I was impressed with his first beat tape, Wrking, so I had to get a whiff of his new release Wrkout. It was released on 4/20 to no surprise, so here’s what I think of his new project. Continue reading

Chuck Inglish with iMaschine

Pretty much a promo video for Native Instruments, but the snippet of the song featured in the video is nice. Ever since Wrking I have been anxiously waiting for Chuck to drop a tape or an album with him spitting over some of his new beats. I rarely hear any true growth in artists nowadays but Chuck Inglish impressed me with Wrking. The visuals are pretty nice in the video especially Continue reading