Samples to Wiz Khalifa’s “O.N.I.F.C.” & “Mia Wallace”

Since that Taylor Allderice gets heavy rotations on my pod I decided it was time to stop faking the funk and look up the samples for 2 of my favorite songs off the tape. As I have probably mentioned before, this tape has made me gain a lot of respect for Wiz and his camp. Cardo is a beat on the boards and Sledgren is taking his production game to a whole nother level. Just take a listen to this piece of art right here. Continue reading

Our Candidates for the 2012 Album of the Year thus far…

The year is halfway complete and you can say that we are midway through the summer. So far the year has been full of excellent music and there’s still more to come. A slew of artists have released mixtapes that have caused the servers of some sites to go wild. Comments sections on many blogs have been bombarded with various opinions. Outside of the music itself hip hop has seen some drama, mostly revolving around Drake. The news of Frank Ocean’s sexuality has also been put on the spot and criticized and the subject has been ridiculed. We have decided to focus more on the music aspect and reveal our top 3 candidates for Album of the Year so far. Continue reading