A Great Website for the Tattoo Junkies out there…

Got bored at work for a while and decided to do some research on an artist that I saw his work this weekend at a gallery. I’m heavy into art in its many forms so I enjoy a good tat from time to time. As I was researching some of the artist’s current work I came across this website, www.tattoosnob.com, and I was like “sweet”. It’s basically a site full of a lot of great tattoos, I’m not a tattoo-er but these look pretty damn good. If you enjoy ink, well you don’t even have to like it, or you have respect for art and creativity I highly recommend checking out this site. The site is managed by Kevin and Julene, they do an amazing job at updating it daily and providing insight as well as opinions which is impressive as well.

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Skin: A Film by Ryan Hope

Skin from Ryan Hope on Vimeo.

I have been waiting forever for this to go public and come to the states like forever! Skin is a documentary that looks at the art side of tattoos. Ryan Hope documents a project for Garage Magazine where they choose random people to receive a free tattoo at will from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Raymond Pettibon. I do have to note that some of the scenes contain some mature content. The visuals are dark but contemporary at the same time. There’s a scene in the doc that one of the art business men tells of an artist who tattooed pigs, yes pigs, when they were alive. Then once the pig died or was slaughtered they were skinned and the skin was stretched and put on a canvas. Crazy right, well it didn’t stop there, evidently the same artist has tattooed a human being and once that person passes on, the same thing will happen. The music used in the documentary matches the personalities of the people who were chosen and Ryan Hope makes everything flow well together. I was entrapped by this documentary the whole time.

Creativity, getting out your thoughts!

I came across this picture while browsing the web and I just thought I would share it with the masses. The skull was sculpted by Scott Campbell, a famous tattoo artist. You can see his work on Courtney Love, Marc Jacobs, etc. Seeing this art just inspired me personally. If you care so much for your art then you will take the time to get out your thoughts and ideas. I could only image how long it took him to do that skull from them stacks of ones. If we could only hear more musicians think outside of the box and be totally creative with their craft.