Two Of The Sickest Breakdowns in Indie Rock

First off, the picture above truly has nothing to do with this post I just like it and couldn’t think of anything special to put there for the moment. Now, there has been two, memorable, times while I have been listening to modern indie rock that have just taken me to another level or dimension. They stand out to me so much that I can’t wait to listen to them and I try not to overly do it. What’s even better about them is that the whole song is great but these parts just touch a nerve in a special manner. I call them breakdowns, some may call them riffs, I’m not sure what the artists themselves would refer to them as but it has to be something along the same lines as complete nirvana. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Continue reading

New Overdoz out this Thursday!

Evidently Overdoz has a new project called “BOOM” which is due out this Thursday, November 14. Even though we’ve heard half of the songs already it’s still exciting to hear some new music from the group and some new THC productions! Until then enjoy this old Overdoz joint…
Don’t Know What to Do

Another Album That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On This Year

It’s nice to hear a song from a band that you have never heard of and like it. It’s even better when that band releases a full album without all of the promotional timeline bull@#@t and it’s actually worthy of playing all the way through without skipping a single track. This is rare in the indie world.

Made in Japan has managed to do that with the release of their new album Tame All Those Thoughts. My first encounter with the band came after I heard their song Follow the Leader. I thought of this band to be similar to Panama but with more free energy and a bit more experimental. For some reason I am surprised by the quality of this new album. The album starts out with a song called Continue reading

A Song To Play While Within Your Fortress of Solitude

So I was driving somewhere the other day and my mind was kind of wandering and not really focusing on one particular thing. I came to a portion of my drive where I just looked on the sides of the road and saw the trees with their orange, red, and brown leaves. The autumn foliage looks amazing in NC and I noticed that there weren’t many people on the road. At that point I recalled a sensation that I felt when on a couple of rides on my old bike last year. Peace came across me and I could feel the wind on my face and I could sense my eyes fighting the sun rays behind my wayfarers. At that moment the only song that I could think of was this song by Johnny Cash.

Even though the lyrics are kind of sinister, the melody is peaceful. I guess I thought about this song because its one of those songs that could provoke an emotional response from anyone. What I was seeing during my ride, what I was envisioning, and what I was thinking made sense, everything was in such harmony. Sometimes when I used to ride I remember using that time to reflect on life and who I am and I believe that this song is partially about self reflection, regret, and acceptance. Continue reading


I have been curious to find out what this project from Vic Mensa would sound like. I’ve noticed lately that his flow resembles Chance the Rapper’s and I was just hoping that maybe some of that will be carried over to this project and he would leave those really pop like songs off. I guess we will see, so let’s get into it. Continue reading

MTNS – Lost Track of Time

This might be the next indie song to explode on the scene. From an Australian band called MTNS, this song is definitely pleasant to listen to. Skrillex, ModeStep, or somebody like that will probably remix it and before you know it you will have some sweat dripping club song, which wouldn’t bother me a bit. But enjoy the original for the time being!