Sample to Big Boi’s “Tangerine”

While I was going through my music today on the search for a sample from another artist I awkwardly came across the sample to Big Boi’s “Tangerine”. I instantly remembered what song I heard the sample used in because that Tangerine is such a groovy track, especially Tip’s feature. So peep this sample and Big Boi’s song. Continue reading

Sample to Chance the Rapper’s “22 Offs”

I believe I have mastered the art of sample finding, if not then I’m really close to doing so. I have been withholding from looking for the sample for this song because I knew it would take up a good chunk of my time. I finally mustered up the energy to put towards the search efforts and the day has arrived for the world to finally know where the sample came from. First peep Chance’s version first. Continue reading

What makes my face look like this…

These moments don’t occur everyday, even though I wish they would. But there comes a time in life when you listen to a hip hop song and you wonder where the sample came from then you come across the sample and your face transforms automatically to match the picture above. It just so happens that I was listening to J Dilla’s Donuts today and Continue reading