Jay-Z – What’s In A Name (rare track)

Every once in a while I like revisiting those old Jay-Z tracks that weren’t on Reasonable Doubt. This particular track I enjoy listening to because his flow and the cleverness to which he delivers his punchlines. Peep them J’s in the image above, fresh from the Nike factory? Aight check this song out. Continue reading

75+ Notable Quotes from Reasonable Doubt

Such a great album only deserves to be put on the spot for those who love it and those you have yet to gain appreciation for the body of work. Jay-Z’s debut album was full of emotion and it was so intimate. The lyrics were full of wit and ambition. The lines that I have selected standout on their own but they also connect, they build bridges for the story-line of a hustler. The capture human reactions in times of struggle and enjoyment. These lines reek of hunger, a hunger that the young come up artist lived with for a while. So take this time to not only read the lines but look at them for what they are and what they may mean to you. Continue reading