Passion Pit’s ‘Gossamer’ album full stream!

Damn this joint is scheduled to drop July 24th, no comment. I had my thoughts about putting this album up for full stream but it seems that a lot of the big name sites have already done so, so F it. I’m not going to review this joint but in my opinion the first half of the album dwarfs the second half. Enjoy this full stream with a tracklist after the link. Continue reading

Vault of the Almost Forgotten: Junior M.A.F.I.A. – Conspiracy

I was going through my catalog of music trying to figure out what I wanted to have on my pod for the summer time. One song that I have on blast every summer is that “Get Money” by Junior M.A.F.I.A. So as I started to upload a couple of tracks onto itunes, I decided to listen to the other songs from their ‘The Conspiracy’ album. I have to say that this thing was probably overlooked by a lot of people because it was supposed to be a sequel to Ready to Die. I have to admit til this day I don’t know the name of all of the members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. besides Lil Cease, Lil Kim, and Biggie. As I listened to the album it became obvious that the other members were just as lyrical and their delivery was on point on some of these songs. So here’s how the album sounds to me in the year 2012 Continue reading

75+ Notable Quotes from Reasonable Doubt

Such a great album only deserves to be put on the spot for those who love it and those you have yet to gain appreciation for the body of work. Jay-Z’s debut album was full of emotion and it was so intimate. The lyrics were full of wit and ambition. The lines that I have selected standout on their own but they also connect, they build bridges for the story-line of a hustler. The capture human reactions in times of struggle and enjoyment. These lines reek of hunger, a hunger that the young come up artist lived with for a while. So take this time to not only read the lines but look at them for what they are and what they may mean to you. Continue reading

Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe (album review)

I believe this is the first review that I have done that is not necessarily hip hop. People have been hyping Santigold’s new album that is set to release April 24 (UK) and May 1st (US) entitled Master of My Make-Believe. I have always considered Santigold to be one of those artist that releases some fresh songs from time to time but not an artist that I would purchase her whole album, well not until now. This new album is something extra fresh and when it drops I’m pretty sure it will have no problem living up to the hype. Well here’s what I think of each song from the album…peep… Continue reading

J.Cole – Cole World: The Sideline Story Review

A very short build up for the album. Just J.Cole and some friends in the studio and somebody basically wants to hear how Cole got his deal, then it kind of fades from there.

Dollar and A Dream III

The intro of this song sounds so epic. The way the strings elegantly build and flow with the bass and drums is soothing. The mood of the song is very serious. This song especially gives you the feeling that you get when you listen to that The Warm Up tape but it’s a little more developed. The song kind of loses it’s mysterious feel whenever the strings fade out of the beat. Cole mostly raps about his motivations and what he’s about. Nice sample Continue reading

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter IV Review

Satchford: Clever lines in this track, Wayne showing that he still got it. Never been a slouch with the metaphors. It shows here
SwagGordon: yea a bit too many metaphors
SwagGordon: nothin but punchlines
Satchford: The production is what I’m not feeling that much. It’s cool but you know, Wayne usually have nice intros on his albums
SwagGordon: yea the production is kind of simple
Satchford: “I left the bullsh&t in the waiting room” HA!
Satchford: No real subject matter here.
SwagGordon: pretty much
SwagGordon: I wouldn’t “ping” this track on iTunes….not too impressive Continue reading