Illuminaughty (Chinchilla)

Straight lyrics. That beat tho. Nice.

Crazy Verse: Rapsody – Destiny

Lately I’ve been bumping Rapsody’s The Idea of Beautiful. I can help to press the repeat button when I listen to a few of her songs. One in particular that I think is strong lyrically is track # 9, entitled “Destiny”. The lyrics are so personal and I think they strike an accord with many people. I like how she opened up and shared her experience on how she grew, I can vouch for how real it is. Peep this 1st verse. Continue reading

Next Up…I Believe That’s Me: Rapsody

At a time where great female rappers in the game are lacking, Rapsody provides a breath of fresh air. Also a part of the group, Kooley High, I’ve been a fan of hers for a while now and she continues to deliver on mostly everything I’ve heard. Her style is unique, I see her as a wordsmith. Her music has that 90’s feel with a lil distinct flavor. I don’t think I’ve seen this much style and skill from a female MC since I’ve been a fan of music. She’s actually talking about something like they used to back in the day.

“I want to be the female Jay Z and I tell them I want to be the role model for little black girls. Like you have Lauryn she came in two albums and she’s out, MC Lyte, she’s not making music as much as she was in the day, so it’s like I want to be the female Jay Z. I want Continue reading

Skyzoo & Illmind – Live From The Tape Deck review

I’ve been meaning to do a little spill on this mixtape for a while. Ever since I heard Skyzoo’s Salvation I have been a fan of most of the stuff he releases. Someone made me aware that Sky was going to release a mixtape with Illmind and I had heard some of Illmind’s productions before so naturally I had to check it out.
Digital Analog
I like the way this mixtape starts off especially this song. The sonic sound at the intro lets you know something is coming and it brings the energy that’s needed for the listener. Continue reading