Good Read: What Every Producer Should Know About Getting Paid

This was a very interesting and helpful video. We all hear about so and so producer not being paid after the producer makes a smash hit for the artist and the label. Sad but true. Let’s be honest, these days the beats owns 80% of the record and may be the main reason you pressed play. Some producers are more famous than artists. I’m not mad at that, music production is very hard to do consistently. These guys and gals deserves every penny. Enjoy the read here.


BrandonFro – Beat01

So our first submission comes from BrandonFro entitled ‘Beat01’. It’s a smooth hip hop production to bob your head to. You can tell that Dilla has influenced him in some way or another.

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap (Album Review)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but the timing is right. With this new Chance the Rapper mixtape we will get to see how he has developed as an artist since his debut release 10day. I have been paying attention to what he’s been working on lately and who he works with so this should be interesting. So let’s get into it. Continue reading

My 2 Favorite Tracks from Clams Casino’s Instrumental Tape

Clams released an instrumental tape a while back and I have been listening to it from time to time. I have to say that his productions do more for me than hearing somebody slaughter his beats. I let Satch get a listen to the tape and he said that most of the beats sound the same, I have to agree with his statement. But where we differ in opinion is how we feel about that. I like his beats for the most part, you can tell that he has plenty of potential and I just hope that he continues to grow and put more passion behind it as he goes forward. The two tracks that I enjoy listening to the most are Continue reading