Connor Evans – Ridin on a Storm ft. Vic Mensa

This joint dropped a while ago, it’s a pretty nice joint right here. kudos to BHB for such a soulful production. Vic Mensa smh.

The Impressive Songs from Casey Veggie’s “Life Changes” Project

So I have had this “Life Changes” on heavy rotation on the pod this past week. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of young Veggies because I still think that he is hit or miss. But I do have to say that I can tell he is growing as an artist and more is put into his most recent music. I remember listening to this album when it first dropped and I can’t remember exactly where I was at the time but I do remember that it didn’t sound that bad. So I gave it another listen and pretty soon it was sync’d to the pod and receiving some praise. So here’s the songs that I think are impressive. Continue reading