Let Me Introduce You to P-Funk the King

So I have been a fan of P-Funk ever since I first heard ‘Everybody Gotta Eat’. I believe he was the first person that I heard rhyme over Clams Casino’s “I’m God” beat. P-Funk hails from San Francisco and is part of the Risky Biz crew. He is growing as an artist and has some tracks that are worthy of your precious space on your pod. After the release of his new project 14KT Fangs & A Hockey Mask I feel that I need to bring him to our audience. So here, take a listen to these songs, if you like what you hear then check out his new project, here, otherwise to each his own. Enjoy! Continue reading

P-Funk – Moonstruck EP

I almost forgot about P-Funk the king. His last project wasn’t all that so I wasn’t on the lookout for this joint. Moonstruck is a 4 track EP and it sounds a lot better than his usual random releases. Enjoy!

P-Funk – Off Top

Well seen this artist on the web while browsing and what initially attracted me to his work was his name, cause ya know I’m all about that funk. Well this track isn’t bad. A nice mellow joint with that video game intro. “I stay solid like Snake from Metal Gear“…LMFAO