“cups of the rosay, b*$@hes in my old phone…”

I was browsing thru movies on netflix and I came across this joint. Peep a young Leonardo DiCaprio. I always thought that Drizzy titled this song because of Marvin Gaye, but now I’m not 100% about that. There’s got to be a Drake fanatic out there that could explain this to me.

The Weeknd – The Knowing (video)

One of my favorite The Weeknd songs receives some visuals and they are truly creative. The video basically adds a small story to the meaning of the song where a character who resembles the Weeknd gets in a dispute with what looks like his girlfriend. They break up and this is represented by the splittig of the planets and the male and female signs that coincide with them. Since the song is one of agony and sorrow the female character in the video steals The Weeknd’s heart. What looks like aliens try to replace his heart with other objects but it doesn’t work for him so he has to retrieve it from the female. It’s the whole tragic story of relationships gone bad. The visuals are creative with the 2-D imaging and all of the symbolism.

Drake’s Take Care Album Cover

Just got a whiff of this. If this is the final cover then I would have to give it up to Drake. A pretty nice cover. I like the scheme of things as portrayed. Reminds me of if the “Most Interesting Man in the World” had the best day of his life, then he would look like this at the end of it. lol