Water Bottle Before I Hit Full Throttle

rockcreekpkI was once in an environment where the whole town was connected by bike trails so naturally I tried some out.  The time away to just pedal and think was a joy. The pod in the ears with the Instrumental playlist on full blast (hey, everyone needs a soundtrack to life). There is one track that always got squeezed in the rotation that wasn’t an instrumental. This track is perfect for every bike rider. It’s short but sweet. Continue reading

Four Dope Tracks, One Sick Sample

I randomly found these tracks just shuffling through the pod. Its a good feeling to find treasure when you not looking for it. I’ve been wondering what this sample was since I heard Oddisee’s “Tokyo” and now I know and stumbled upon 3 more recently released tracks that used that same joint. The Dramatics’ 1978 track, “Do What You Want To Do”, provided an excellent intro with airy chords and soft vocals, that’s a producer’s playground. Who used it best? I think all put a different touch to it, I like them all but Oddisee and Dizzy Wright’s versions are my favorites at the moment. Get a fix below and see which one you prefer. Continue reading

Crazy Verse: Oddisee “American Greed”

Giving props to Oddisee for his lyrical talents wasn’t me for a while but now I’m hearing some verses that I really enjoy. I don’t know if it’s because they are on my type of productions or if its because they are really good. Either way his first verse on ‘American Greed’ is impressive, it contains all the elements that a great verse should have. Check out the lyricism presented in the song, peep Continue reading

Our Candidates for the 2012 Album of the Year thus far…

The year is halfway complete and you can say that we are midway through the summer. So far the year has been full of excellent music and there’s still more to come. A slew of artists have released mixtapes that have caused the servers of some sites to go wild. Comments sections on many blogs have been bombarded with various opinions. Outside of the music itself hip hop has seen some drama, mostly revolving around Drake. The news of Frank Ocean’s sexuality has also been put on the spot and criticized and the subject has been ridiculed. We have decided to focus more on the music aspect and reveal our top 3 candidates for Album of the Year so far. Continue reading

Good Read: Oddisee Breaks Down His 15 Most Essential Songs

I always like to hear the backstory behind tracks from artists, producers, whoever. Oddisee broke down 15 of his tracks with a thorough explanation for each. If you got 20 mins or so, this is an interesting read from one of the best producer/emcees out. Check it out over at Pigeons and Planes.

Streets Wont Let Me Chill

Oddisee: “Back to us putting our stamp. That vocal sample on the hook is from [popular Go-Go group] Backyard Band’s frontman. I was listening to a clip on YouTube of Smoke, the conga player. And the frontman was hyping up the conga player, and somewhere right in the middle, he was like, ‘The streets won’t let me chill!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s it.’ If you listen to that sample, there’s a crazy, rapid sound in the back. And that’s a conga. So again, it’s that whole, east coast vibe, but come down 95 South a bit more. Continue reading

Oddisee – You Know Who You Are (video)

I like this performance, the sound quality is on point. What I enjoy the most about this video is that there is more of an emphasis on the lyrics and how powerful they are. This reminds me of those MTV Unplugged videos. kudso to Olivier Daysoul for the vocals and the acoustics.

Oddisee – People Hear What They See (Album Review)

Oddisee has been on the move lately, with the recent release of Odd Renditions and now a near album, he is ensuring that its his time to shine! I’m sure that people are still blasting that “Gold Is Mine” but when they get a whiff of what Oddisee has on ‘People Hear What They See’, things might change for the better. Oddisee is an artist from the DMV but with his move to Brooklyn his new album was sure for some surprises. Known for his stimulating productions and true to life lyrics Oddisee is a force to be reckoned with and ‘People Hear What They See’ is that initial boost so it was only proper for us to review it. Let’s get into it… Continue reading

The Jungle

This is the track that introduced me to the work of Hassaan Mackey a few years ago. Of course, the beat is what attracted me first as I heard that sample somewhere before and the drum loop is something serious, it has a live feel almost. You got this funky groove over these soft voice samples and eerie ‘quantom leap‘ type melody. My head bob was in overdrive.  Could you ask for more from a beat?

“When you hood, how you turn all of the violence off and give God the glory for your story when your lights are off?”

Once I got over the high of the production, I took a deep listen into the lyrics to see if they captured the same energy as the beat. His voice has a gritty tone to it with a flow that rode this beat so well. He describes various aspects of the ‘concrete jungle’ well with a lot of passion and energy, the subject matter is real. No complaints here, the realer the better. I easily got visuals from his descriptions; descriptive tracks like this deserve some video treatment. Bilal’s added vocals was a nice touch, I think it added even more passion to the track.

“Living within a circle that I still feel boxed in…”

I’ve heard plenty other tracks from Hassaan Mackey since then but this one always gets the most rotation in my pod. Get a listen. If anyone know this sample, let me know. Continue reading

Ain’t That Peculiar

Before hitting play I had my doubts of this reinterpretation but those doubts were  put to bed soon after. Oddisee’s Remix to this 1965 Marvin Gaye jam flows smoothly. It has a modern sound and if it wasn’t Marvin Gaye, it probably could pass for a new original track. This was blended well and the verse at the end was good as well. The video put it over the top. Overall, a nice remix. This is from Odd Renditions which drops May 15th. Here’s the original.

Oddisee is preparing to release his new album “People Hear What They See” next month, but rather than do the standard issue single leaks, he wanted to make it more interesting.  So last night Oddisee released a video of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Ain’t That Peculiar remixed by Oddisee (including a new verse).  Next week we will be giving away this track along with 3 others Oddisee created featuring remixed songs by K-OsBon IverMetronomy.  The collection of 4 tracks is called “Odd Renditions“. The video was done by editing several pieces of footage found of Marvin Gaye performing the song together and sychronizing the new remixed track – enjoy!”