Arsenio Hall Hip Hop All Star Freestyle

I haven’t seen this before but goodness it was so raw. MC Lyte came in ripping and CL Smooth held it down. Treach was a monster with it and when ODB starting yelling “the black man is God, the black man is God” I was rolling. Q-tip even finessed it.

So Real.

While listening to music early this morning, a favorite of mine came on from the iTunes playlist. It was Raekwon’s “North Star”. As you hear Papa Wu reminisce and drop knowledge with the Chef, you can’t help but to become engulfed in the airy, gloomy, and stringy production. It sounds like a movie score that would be played at the end after the tradegy of the story or simply capturing the feeling of reminiscing.

The bass, the strings and the tempo control this track and the end result is simple perfection. I don’t think anything was added to Raekwon’s beat. It was just looped, added Continue reading