Sample to Drake’s Wu Tang Forever & Pound Cake

I’m just in the mood to listen to some samples this morning. Two of my favorite songs from Drake’s Nothing Was The Same contains samples that I wanted to listen to just to kind of see how they were flipped by Noah ’40’ Shebib & Boi1da. The first of which comes from Wu Tang Forever which was Continue reading

Deciphering a Noah “40” Shebib production

With all of the hype around Wayne, Drake and the rest of the Young Money crew, I feel that we have kind of taken our eye off the producers that made these artist what they are today. These are the guys who dedicated their time to these up-and-comers. With producers like Swizz Beatz, Justice League, Trackmasters, Kanye, and Just Blaze dominating the scenes nowadays it’s easy to ignore the producers that provided the foundation for artist, such as Drake, to build. I’m not the biggest Drake fan in the word and I’m not his biggest hater either, but I am a casual listener of his music. What makes me want to explore his music is the man behind the keys, Noah “40” Shebib. Continue reading