Biggie over Illmatic / Nas over Ready To Die

My expectations were low before I hit play, but this is actually done well. That Machine Gun Funk over It Aint Hard To Tell (starts at 31:17) works so well together. Continue reading

Food For Thought

jig copy

A few years ago I did a post showing rappers who played with the phrase food for thought in some very unique ways. Some of those same rappers are also dropping some real food for thought ideas and questions that require serious consideration. Perhaps I’m different but when Im listening to hip hop, most of the time I’m looking for a gem. Give me some substance to grasp to, something to ponder on. Hip hop is a beautiful thing because people get out some of the most amazing thoughts (yea, some are bullshit) and construct it meticulously. There never seems to be a shortage, whether its a track about shaking your ass, shooting you in the face, or talking about hard times, there always seems to be a line or two that grasps my attention. Ok, maybe I’m not finding nothing from Lil Jon’s Get Low but i’m definitely finding something in Mos Def’s Mr. Nigga. So when I hear these things, I write it down (dear moleskine…). Totally opinionated questions but definitely some head scratchers. Philosophical thoughts that only you can provide an answer for. Here are some lines that I’ve gathered over the last few months. If you got anymore, feel free to add in the comments. Continue reading

AZ – Doe or Die Album Review

az front

Sosa’s 1995 debut has been getting plenty bump from me lately and just so happen that this time, I had a keyboard in front of me and not a steering wheel. Lets get into this gem.

Whats its all about?!!? “Doe or Die, kid!”

Uncut Raw
No need for lactose. Til this day, this is one of my favorite AZ tracks. Its gritty, sinister and the verses trump his most famous verse from “Life’s A B$$$h” (ok, maybe I’m buggin but its pretty damn good). Hence the title, this is the purest lyrical form of Anthony Sosa. A short but enjoyable track that is worthy of a repeat. The hidden gem of the album in this one.

Poverty-stricken, they even turn a church kid into stickin
It seems sickenin, but what? Whatever makes the pockets thickin Continue reading

A Sick Sample from Nas’ Life Is Good

I’ve been reviewing albums from this year for our “Best of 2012” series, which is soon to be released, and I just can’t stop replaying Nas’ “Stay” from his Life is Good album. Again I have to point out that this is a No I.D. production and he is definitely raising to be the greatest hip hop producer of all time. In order to find a sample like this No ID had to do some real digging and listening. Like not skipping the song after the first 30 seconds, he listened to the whole joint and chopped the shit out of it. Enjoy Nas’ version first, peep Continue reading

8 Million Stories: Nas – Undying Love

I think the Nas stories just keep getting better and better. This is one my favorites, from the album that everyone seems to hate (its not that bad). Nas is on vacation in Vegas and comes back home to NY something he wasn’t expecting and how he handles it is unexpected. The detailed descriptions he gives make it so easy to visualize this thrilling tale. No man should have to come back and find what Nas found. Damn. Get a listen. Continue reading

Nas – Life Is Good Album Review

 New Nas album. Let’s check it out.

1. No Introduction (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

“Really what’s in my mind is organizing a billion black motherfuckers
To take over JP and Morgan Goldman and Sachs
And teach the world facts and give Saudi they oil back”

I didn’t expect an intro like this. You hear a crowd cheering as if Nas is about to address his congregation or something. I think that’s a pastor shouting soundbite during the breaks. If it is, damn. It does have Continue reading

8 Million Stories: Nas – Last Real Ni&&a Alive

“Yall dont know bout my Biggie wars…”

Nas took the time to break it all down in detail on his come up and various incidents with other rappers. Some people says it was one of his disses to Jay-Z, nah, there’s a few lines there but not enough to call it a diss song. First time I heard this I must’ve repeated it 5 times. I always liked how he told it. It’s not only a deep track but a narrative that will keep your ear to the speaker. Get a listen to some non-fiction below. Continue reading