KiD Cudi – Satellite Flight


G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer Album Review

GOOD Music is one of the top 3 crews in Hip Hop right now, can they grab the crown with Cruel Summer? Let’s see…
To The World
Kanye West feat. R. Kelly & Teyana Taylor [Prod. by Pop & Oak. Co: Hudson Mohawke, Million $ Mano, Ken Lewis, Travi$ Scott & Anthony Kilhoffer]
“I’m just trying to protect my stack, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax”
Setting the album up for what to expect, Kanye and R.Kelly are saying “fu%k the world” over pounding drums. R.Kelly’s part is kind of long winded but its not bad, it sounds good. Kanye started his verse like another Chi-town legend.  The beat is good and so is the overall track. In hindsight, this was a good track to start with.  Continue reading

Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius (WZRD) – WZRD (album review)

Seeing that people have been bashing this album all over the web and very few people seem to like it, I had to get me a copy and do this review. I wasn’t too familiar with what type of concept they were aiming for on this project but I kind of a had a feeling once Cudi announced his sobriety a while back. It’s pretty interesting to see what they could make especially after hearing about his writer’s block issue as well. Aight let’s get into it. Continue reading

Radio Galaxy samples a Kid Cudi song??

It’s hard to write and watch the All Star game at the same time but I must let others know what I heard before I forget about it. So today I was doing some cleaning and I decided to blast Kid Cudi’s ‘Man on the Moon’ album since his new project is scheduled to release this Tuesday! So by now everybody knows how that album goes and what level the music is on. It has some space age to it and most of the tracks reflect that theme. So I get to one track from the album called “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Pt. 1)” and Continue reading

Schoolboy Q – Habits & Contradictions (Album Review)

Thank goodness this project from Schoolboy Q finally dropped! I have been waiting for this thing to release just like every other Schoolboy Q fan. Unfortunately I got in late last night and didn’t download it until this morning. It has been a while since Setbacks was released, even though it still may hit it’s a breath of fresh air to finally receive this project from the Hoover Street native. So let’s get into it. Continue reading

150+ Kanye West Quotes

  1. “ima tell you like George Bush told me, f*ck you n*ggas, I’m outta here”
  2. “close your eyes and imagine, feel the madness, Vegas on acid, seen through yve saint laurent glasses”
  3. “We all self conscious, I’m just the first to admit it”
  4. “Mercy mercy me that murcielago”
  5. “I’m the king of Leon-a Lewis beyond the truest”
  6. “you eating up the game like pac-mayne” 
  7. “Jerome get more time than Brandon and at the airport they check all through my bags and tell me that it’s random”
  8. “I thought I chose a field where they couldn’t sack me, if a ni99a aint shootin a jumpa or runnin a track meet”
  9. “Like a crip said I got way too many blues for any more bad news”
  10. “I’m on my Van Gogh, I don’t hear sh%t”  Continue reading