Doves In The Wind

What I’ve learned over time: Just be yourself, the rewards will come naturally. Otherwise, you look like an idiot. Let this jam soak in. 🙂

Food For Thought

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A few years ago I did a post showing rappers who played with the phrase food for thought in some very unique ways. Some of those same rappers are also dropping some real food for thought ideas and questions that require serious consideration. Perhaps I’m different but when Im listening to hip hop, most of the time I’m looking for a gem. Give me some substance to grasp to, something to ponder on. Hip hop is a beautiful thing because people get out some of the most amazing thoughts (yea, some are bullshit) and construct it meticulously. There never seems to be a shortage, whether its a track about shaking your ass, shooting you in the face, or talking about hard times, there always seems to be a line or two that grasps my attention. Ok, maybe I’m not finding nothing from Lil Jon’s Get Low but i’m definitely finding something in Mos Def’s Mr. Nigga. So when I hear these things, I write it down (dear moleskine…). Totally opinionated questions but definitely some head scratchers. Philosophical thoughts that only you can provide an answer for. Here are some lines that I’ve gathered over the last few months. If you got anymore, feel free to add in the comments. Continue reading

The Kendrick Lamar Song From GKMC that I Almost Missed Out On

So the story behind this post begins with me listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Tim Westwood freestyle. I like listening to that particular freestyle because the beat is so chill. His lyrics also entrap the listeners’ ear straight out the gate. It’s like he silently says “come here and let me tell you a story”. I’ve listened to this joint so many times that in my mind it’s a separate entity and I didn’t want to associate any of the lyrics to any particular songs. Well I knew that Continue reading

Cleo Sol – Borderline

This was the first thing I saw in the inbox and I’m glad I listened to it. It’s an interesting on Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe”. Cleo Sol did an excellent job at making it her own song.

Gwen Bunn – Epitome

Since I failed to get her props for co-producing Schoolboy Q’s “Collard Greens” she gets her own separate post. This song is pretty nice and I think I’m going to listen to her album entitled The Verdict today while I’m working. Enjoy!