My Favorite Song Off of JMSN’s Pllaje Album

I’m still trying to figure out if I like this new album or not. At least I know that one song I can’t stop playing. Take a listen…
Thing U Miss

What Albums Are We Looking Forward to Hearing For the Rest of the Year??

So I’m having trouble keeping up with what albums are due out for the rest of the year and when they come out. So I’m pretty much putting together this list as something to reference when I get ready to fiend for some new music. These are all of the albums that I can list right now and feel free to add to the list because lord knows my memory is not what it used to be. Album of the year lists will be interesting that’s for sure.
Clear Soul Forces – Gold PP7’s (September 17)
Drake – Nothing Was The Same (September 24)
Danny Brown – Old (September 30)
Vic Mensa – INNANETAPE (September 30)
DOM Kennedy – Get Home Safely (October 1)
Oddisee – The Beauty In All (including free mixtape “Tangible Dream) (October 1)
Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw (October 8)
Black Milk – No Poison, No Paradise (October 15)
JMSN – †Pllajé† (November 5)
Gerald Walker – Target (Sometime this year)
Chuck Inglish – Converitbles (Maybe this year or maybe never)
Schoolboy Q – OxyMoron (shiiiit who knows)

Who is JMSN and why is Priscilla an excellent album?

So Good Kid MAAD City dropped and you have listened to it a good amount of times to the point you are interested in the people who contributed to the project. So naturally you try to find out who Anna Wise is and what her music sounds like. You notice that she also worked with Ab-Soul on Control System and other projects. You then find out what Sonnymoon is about. Now you are interested in the person who was singing at the end of “Sing About Me”. Well that’s a hard one. Continue reading