Talking To The World

Back when Jim Jones was just another guy in The Diplomats, he dropped respectable debut album that I happen to cop on a whim. In high school, whenever my night was ending and I was leaving work (what up Wendy’s) or somewhere else, I would play these songs. It was usually between the hours of 1-4am. The album was already in so I just retreated to the deeper joints. Who knew I would still be banging them over 10 years later. These would put me in a daze for some reason. The beat, The sample, Jim just trying to make a living by any means. I can dig it. It was a turning point in my life. Soon to graduate with no idea what the next move would be. At this point, I was observing my surroundings. Mostly seeing what not to do but also seeing that this isn’t where I wanted to be and I really needed to find where my place in this world would be.

Jim Jones – Come On, Come On – Sample

I have been looking for the sample to this song ever since it dropped. I like the way that Jonny Bro flipped the sample and Oshy basically took the chorus from the sample and made it his own. It’s actually small portions of the sample that Jonny Bro used to produce the song. It’s a really groovy track, check it out Continue reading

Let’s Talk About the Good songs off A$AP Mob’s “Lord$ Never Worry”

As we all know by now, not every member of the mob has skills. We may have been excited to hear the project but in the back of our minds we all knew that there had to be some sacrifices. These mishaps came because for the sake of remaining a close group every member needs their time to shine. I was surprised how many appearances Rocky had and I was satisfied with the amount of work that A$AP Ferg put into the project, no pun intended. Alright so here’s the songs that I feel are worthy of taking up your precious space on your pod. Continue reading

Crazy Verse – Jim Jones “Beautiful Noise”

This is a song that I used to listen to over and over back in the day. Cam did his thing on the track but to me Jim Jones really stood out. His lyrics were personal and descriptive. His words were delivered like a plight to all of those in the hustle game. I believe this is the song that made me go “wow Jim Jones really got it” until that point I thought he was another dude that Cam brought alone for the ride, took him out of “5-H”! You might want to read these lyrics a few times to truly understand how authentic they are, peep Continue reading

First Time I Heard The Diplomats’ “Diplomatic Immunity” Album

The date was March 25, 2003, I’m in high school and I remember asking SwagGordon “can you take me to Target to pick up some albums?”, he agreed and it was on. That day in school, I could barely pay attention because all I could think was “this Dipset and Hot Boyz album gon’ be crazy.” During lunch, I got in an argument with a friend who hated Diplomats and Continue reading

Cam and Jimmy holla’n at Mase on the radio

Goodness it’s one of the worst arguments ever. Jim and Cam just speaking all over Miss Info and Mase. I do agree with Mase when he said “some people just don’t grow up and understand”. I feel him and his mans was in Atlanta tryin to chill and get away from the drama. Oh yea and I know that this is an old interview. Smh goodness, we’ll never find out the truth about their situation.