Take the high road

I was shuffling through my Jay-Z playlist the other day and stumbled upon ‘Trouble’. I like this track, the production, the quality, the lyrics. There’s one particular lyric that hooked me and its around haters and how to react.

And my conscience go, “You escaped the RICO
Why throw everything away over ego?”

You paper chasin’, they paper hatin’
Billionaire Hov, you on the pace to make it

Its funny how we find ego at the center of many of our reactions to everyday bullshit. Think back to some of your recent conflicts with others, how was it handled, etc. Did ego/pride play a part? We’re all guilty to an extent. Jay-Z’s proud of it in this instance. Here’s how he ended the verse:

Fuck that, exclamation, comma
Quotation’s “I love drama”, period

I’ve been trying to take the high road for a while and its just much easier to do and not get sucked in to the unimportant shit that most do. Keep your momentum going, don’t let the naysayers slow you down. Signal, switch lanes, accelerate.

Words of Wisdom from Shawn Carter


Here are random notes I had for myself to reference every now and then. Just some truth to get you through the day.

  1. “I keep my head, both of them where they suppose to be.”  Lesson: Junior can ruin your life in various ways. Get him in check, make smart decisions.
  2. “relax your mind, let your conscious be free” Lesson: Slow down sometimes and enjoy the present moment. mediation is a great stress reliever.
  3. “if i shoot you, im brainless, if you shoot me, you famous – whats a nigga to do?” Lesson: Dont risk all you have worked for for petty situations/individuals.
  4. “Male shouldnt be jealous, thats a female trait – what? you made cuz you sell dimes and he sell weight?” Lesson: Dont care about what others are doing. Do you.
  5. “Be the most asked question: how I got them digits? I say I stick to the script and never stop for bitches, never talk like a mime I got to watch you snitches”  Lesson: stay focused on the prize. Don’t let the typical distractions get you off course temporarily or permenantly.
  6. “Everything that glitters ain’t gold” Lesson: self explanatory.
  7. “Pay your taxes, y’all niggas hustling backwards.” Lesson: The government will get your ass no matter who you are.
  8. “Men got to do men things for men salary”  Lesson: You got to work hard in life to achieve any real goal out here.
  9. “Sure books can guide you but your heart defines you, chica” Lesson: Your heart has the last word. Listen to it. If its right, cool. If not, it is what it is, you have no regrets.
  10. “niggas will coast in the SL but can’t post bail” Lesson: Save your money for a rainy day.
Its more than music. Pay attention to what’s being said and it might just save your life.

UPDATE: Found a post on TSS with even more great quotes.

Fashionably Late = Politics As Usual?

doubt back coverI have been letting Oddisee’s The Beauty In All play through to end out most of my work days this week and I think I made a sample discovery. I believe Fashionably Late samples Jay-Z’s Politics As Usual.  The first 12 seconds of Politics As Usual is pulled, chopped and slowed a bit to go over the smooth groove Oddisee constructed. Check 0:54 thru 1:25-ish on Fashionably Late. Impressive as Politics As Usual has always been one of my favorite jams from that album because sounds in the sample. What do you think? Continue reading

Food For Thought

jig copy

A few years ago I did a post showing rappers who played with the phrase food for thought in some very unique ways. Some of those same rappers are also dropping some real food for thought ideas and questions that require serious consideration. Perhaps I’m different but when Im listening to hip hop, most of the time I’m looking for a gem. Give me some substance to grasp to, something to ponder on. Hip hop is a beautiful thing because people get out some of the most amazing thoughts (yea, some are bullshit) and construct it meticulously. There never seems to be a shortage, whether its a track about shaking your ass, shooting you in the face, or talking about hard times, there always seems to be a line or two that grasps my attention. Ok, maybe I’m not finding nothing from Lil Jon’s Get Low but i’m definitely finding something in Mos Def’s Mr. Nigga. So when I hear these things, I write it down (dear moleskine…). Totally opinionated questions but definitely some head scratchers. Philosophical thoughts that only you can provide an answer for. Here are some lines that I’ve gathered over the last few months. If you got anymore, feel free to add in the comments. Continue reading