Illuminaughty (Chinchilla)

Straight lyrics. That beat tho. Nice.

Just My Thoughts on 9th Wonder’s Bladey Mae

If you read my post a few days back then you saw how excited I was to dig into this nugget from 9th. Don’t wait up on a track by track review (is you crazy!?!), I’m just going to share a few thoughts after getting a few listens.

The thing that’s interesting is 73 beats, how do you fit that on a cd? Who uses cds anymore? Uhhh true but 73? Hot damn. We all know that this cant his best material (not for $10, come on now) but this makes me wonder how big 9th stash of beats really is. Dilla-like? Dilla did split his beat tapes up, though there were a lot of them. Continue reading

Next Up…I Believe That’s Me: Rapsody

At a time where great female rappers in the game are lacking, Rapsody provides a breath of fresh air. Also a part of the group, Kooley High, I’ve been a fan of hers for a while now and she continues to deliver on mostly everything I’ve heard. Her style is unique, I see her as a wordsmith. Her music has that 90’s feel with a lil distinct flavor. I don’t think I’ve seen this much style and skill from a female MC since I’ve been a fan of music. She’s actually talking about something like they used to back in the day.

“I want to be the female Jay Z and I tell them I want to be the role model for little black girls. Like you have Lauryn she came in two albums and she’s out, MC Lyte, she’s not making music as much as she was in the day, so it’s like I want to be the female Jay Z. I want Continue reading

Skyzoo – The Great Debater Mixtape Review

Complicated Rhythm

Satchford: liking the intro
SwagGordon: it sounds like it would be placed in the score to “Taxi”
Satchford: “praised, yet looked over” true. Sky deserves more props. Dude nice
Satchford: true
SwagGordon: I agree
Satchford: sound like the start of something serious
Satchford: ahhhh this beat crazy
Satchford: Prod. By Best Kept Secret
SwagGordon: I’m feeling the drum pattern
Satchford: it’s smooth but still triggers a head nod
SwagGordon: I concur
SwagGordon: “you click on the zshare, you just brought you a syringe”……my goodness
Satchford: sick
SwagGordon: that Jay-Z excerpt at the end is a nice addition Continue reading