The Beat Suite: THC

So Ashley O did this interview a while back and I’m just now checking it out. I had no idea who was part of THC for the longest. This was a pretty good interview.

Nardwuar vs Flatbush Zombies

Nardwuar does his thing with Juice, Meech, and Eric. That man deserves major respects for his interviews. I have to give him credit for putting me on that Peso sample. I’m glad to see that the Zombies were respectable and down to earth unlike Joey BadA$$.

HBTV: Pharrell Williams

Whenever I see a Pharrell interview I am always inspired by his openness. Creativity is a driving force for me and art is just a steering wheel to that vehicle. I work with a lot of Asians on the daily he was completely right in saying that they are more open-minded than the people we are used to.

Nardwuar vs A$AP Rocky

Didn’t realize that the mob was down to earth like that. Nardwuar is the king of interviews, he could find sugar in a snow storm. I’m glad that Nardwuar requested that Rocky introduce the members of his crew. “Crack Baby” truly resembles his name, lmao. When he pulled out that Harlem World vinyl I was about to freak out, that’s that good good right there. I for real didn’t know that ‘Peso’ was a sample of that S.O.S. song. “how do you know Desiree”, lmao, Nardwuar trying to get at that huh!