Little Boots – Headphones (Moon Boots remix)

This joint is amazing, even though it did start out kind of dull. It’s full of so many enjoyable sounds. The original version of the song was pretty good but Moon Boots took it to another level. Enjoy Continue reading

Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″) – Hell The Sequel Album Review

Welcome 2 Hell

Satchford: I like the way this starts off. Immediately gets straight to the rhyming. Em starts it out
SwagGordon: Em’s flow pattern is rather unique…..he’s not spittin smoothly…the flow is kind of stuttered
Satchford: He seems a tad off beat but it’s not too obvious since he rapping super fast
Satchford: On the other hand, Royce rides the beat way more easily. Liking both verses
SwagGordon: it might not be off beat because if you listen to the beat it sounds choppy…it’s like they took a 3 bar sample and looped it
Satchford: Those drums…that’s what sounds off to me
SwagGordon: both artist do display lyrical talent, but that is expected judging from their previous work
Satchford: Royce had got better lyrically over the year to me. Em seems to be back on his Continue reading