G.O.O.D. Music – Cruel Summer Album Review

GOOD Music is one of the top 3 crews in Hip Hop right now, can they grab the crown with Cruel Summer? Let’s see…
To The World
Kanye West feat. R. Kelly & Teyana Taylor [Prod. by Pop & Oak. Co: Hudson Mohawke, Million $ Mano, Ken Lewis, Travi$ Scott & Anthony Kilhoffer]
“I’m just trying to protect my stack, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax, Mitt Romney dont pay no tax”
Setting the album up for what to expect, Kanye and R.Kelly are saying “fu%k the world” over pounding drums. R.Kelly’s part is kind of long winded but its not bad, it sounds good. Kanye started his verse like another Chi-town legend.  The beat is good and so is the overall track. In hindsight, this was a good track to start with.  Continue reading