OverDoz – Killer Tofu (Video)

About time! I hope an album will follow this soon. Produced by THC and they made a cameo in the video!

“Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian??” (a journey through a conversation and thoughts)

Before you say “ahhh man these guys are resorting to this type of media” take a second and hear me out. Let me take you through my thoughts and how this question popped up in my head. So I’m sitting here watching “Oprah’s Next Chapter”, don’t be hating, she really can interview people and dig into their human nature, I bet if she interviewed Kendrick Lamar she wouldn’t ask any stupid ass questions like “how’s it working with Dr. Dre”. Anyhow during this episode she was interviewing the Kardashian family. So a random thought came to my head about Kanye West. Continue reading

LA is My Playground film (FINALLY!!!)

So this trailer dropped a long time ago. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for the film to drop that’s because it has been forever. I finally found it, someone said they posted it back in September, bullshit cuhz. LA is My Playground is a short film directed by Jason Madison that gives a closer look at the artist that were on the rise from LA back in 2010. He gives a glimpse into the lives of Pac Div, Nipsey Hussle, and DOM Kennedy back then. So enjoy the full footage after the link. Continue reading

Skin: A Film by Ryan Hope

Skin from Ryan Hope on Vimeo.

I have been waiting forever for this to go public and come to the states like forever! Skin is a documentary that looks at the art side of tattoos. Ryan Hope documents a project for Garage Magazine where they choose random people to receive a free tattoo at will from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Raymond Pettibon. I do have to note that some of the scenes contain some mature content. The visuals are dark but contemporary at the same time. There’s a scene in the doc that one of the art business men tells of an artist who tattooed pigs, yes pigs, when they were alive. Then once the pig died or was slaughtered they were skinned and the skin was stretched and put on a canvas. Crazy right, well it didn’t stop there, evidently the same artist has tattooed a human being and once that person passes on, the same thing will happen. The music used in the documentary matches the personalities of the people who were chosen and Ryan Hope makes everything flow well together. I was entrapped by this documentary the whole time.