Arsenio Hall Hip Hop All Star Freestyle

I haven’t seen this before but goodness it was so raw. MC Lyte came in ripping and CL Smooth held it down. Treach was a monster with it and when ODB starting yelling “the black man is God, the black man is God” I was rolling. Q-tip even finessed it.

The Kendrick Lamar Song From GKMC that I Almost Missed Out On

So the story behind this post begins with me listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Tim Westwood freestyle. I like listening to that particular freestyle because the beat is so chill. His lyrics also entrap the listeners’ ear straight out the gate. It’s like he silently says “come here and let me tell you a story”. I’ve listened to this joint so many times that in my mind it’s a separate entity and I didn’t want to associate any of the lyrics to any particular songs. Well I knew that Continue reading

Crazy Verse: Omillio Sparks “Tales of a Hustler”

Ever since them Hot 97 freestyles with the whole Roc A Fella crew I have been a fan of Omillio Sparks. He rapped about them real world situations and the street life. When said something he meant it and you could hear the emotion in his voice. One particular verse stood out to me that he rhymed during the freestyles, now I can’t get it out of my mind. The verse was lifted from Beanie Siegel’s “Tales of a Hustler” off his The Reason album. The song is really nice so listen to it and really dig into these lyrics from Sparks Continue reading