Fan Mail


“I had to write you, its beyond trying to enlighten you / its a token or appreciation for being that poet with no abbreviations”

The deep connection we develop with some rappers through their music triggers a relationship thats closer than they will ever know. Some keep it inside, some talk about it to their friends, and some send fan mail hoping it will reach the person they feel so related to. Praise, thoughts, advice, and understanding are just some of the things these letters will entail. Fabolous and AZ touch the subjects separately, taking time to read their fan mail. Continue reading

8 Million Stories: Fabolous – I Miss My Love

“I Miss My Love” is a story of betrayal, love, and trust. Fabolous paints¬†cinematic visuals that follow him from the start to the finish of an¬†interesting journey with a drug dealer who’s girlfriend was almost his downfall. With the right production, this track flows well and delivers a great story. I’ve found that parts of this story is loosely based on a Sopranos storyline, remember Christopher and Adriana? Nevertheless, its an impressive story by Fabolous. Get a listen and see what you think.

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Throw It In The Bag Sample

Well didn’t really think that Fabolous & Drake’s Throw It In The Bag remix contained a sample from The Dream but peep
Fabolous ft. Drake – Throw It In The Bag remix

The Dream – Fancy (sampled part starts at 5:08)