Sunday Morning Comfort

I usually use Sundays to unwind and collect myself in preparation for another week at work. This morning while I was enjoying a cup of tea and catching up on some reading I had the above feature playing in the background. She is simply amazing, there’s not too many people who sound as good live as they do on their album but she is one of them. Her voice is phenomenal and the live band was flawless. If you are feeling like you need some tranquility in your life today take a listen and I promise that this will help. Enjoy!

How to make a love song with a gangsta-like theme

To most of us when we listen to a good R&B song were the main theme is about love and relationships, we tend to pick up on the portions that relate to us the most. For the most part a lot of the metaphors are not really complex and it’s clear what the message of the song is. Then there’s the other side of the tracks where artists choose to go a step or two deeper, lyrically, while still providing that smooth melodic feel. On that side of the tracks stands Erykah Badu Continue reading

A Beautiful Woman and Song!

Goodness if I ever met Mrs. Badu I would spit the hardest game that I have ever spit in my lifetime. smh just a natural beauty to her. That bassline in the song can’t get any better. I could only imagine if 40 got his hands on this and used his filter skills it would be an excellent production!

Forgotten Great Albums: Busta Rhymes – When Disaster Strikes

I remembered when this joint dropped, I was a young blood at the time. My crew was starting to get into that real street music. I remember one of my homies’ older brothers put me on this album. I knew of Busta from his work with A Tribe Called Quest and other various artists. But when I got my first listen of this album right here, it totally turned my life around for a good 3 months. I remember that my man let me borrow this joint, and I was “supposed” to return it to him when he brought my All Eyez on Me CD back to me. Well I fronted on him and I kept his joint, I ain’t no sucka so he returned my CD too or we was gonna have a problem. This Busta Rhymes cat was just on another level in my mind at the time. All I could do was lay back on my bed in my room with this CD in my box on “Repeat All”. I would be laying there tossing my Spalding basketball up and down (working on the form of course) and just soaking up game. Those were the good ol days, pause the CD, go to the kitchen and make a bologna sandwich, and get right back at it. Some of those tracks even had me going “woo hah”. Yo here’s how I remember the album track by track. Continue reading