DOM Kennedy – Never

Interesting, Get Home Safe due out sometime this year.

Dom Kennedy – II: From Westside, With Love Mixtape Review

Dom’s Prayer

SwagGordon: at first when this song comes on I was like hmm not really sure if I was feeling it but then the piano keys come in
Satchford: Yea that choppy melody volume is lowered then.
Satchford: Dom keeps it 100 on this one.
Satchford: “I’m handsome from my daddy’s face”
SwagGordon: yea I like the truthfulness of the song
Satchford: the keys do bring this track to life…I’m feeling this one
SwagGordon: I’m kind of feelin the singing at the end….good ole doo-wap Continue reading

Pac Div, DOM Kennedy & cARTer’s “Everyone Knows Us”

Just casually came across this track and I’m already obbessed with it. I’m glad DOM had the longest verse but it doesn’t take away from the Pac Div’s and cARTer’s verses. Pac Div came on that fast tip during the beat switch which was mad crazy. cARTer got that slow drawl to his deliver which reminds me of that Texas flow(correction the homie is from Houston lol my bad). sick. peep Continue reading