As most of you probably do not know, I am a huge Motorsports enthusiasts. My passion for motorsports overshadows my passion for music. But sometimes I find a bit of music in the world of motorsports that I normally wouldn’t seek out. I have been watching the documentary about Ayrton Senna entitled “Senna” non-stop. It brings motivation and inspiration to my aspirations. During the movie there is a scene capturing a celebration in Brasil and Senna is in attendance and a beautiful song is playing during the scene. Continue reading

Copyright Criminals documentary

So this is a documentary that I saw a while back dealing with sampling in hip hop. It’s very interesting because it provides both perspectives on sampling, the nay sayers and the people who support it. The documentary also captures the arguments from both sides. If you ever get the chance you should check out the comment section from this video, people make good points and you can tell people are passionate about it. I wish they didn’t concentrate on the most obvious samples so much, they could have at least sprinkled in some diamonds in the rough. What De La Soul and Public Enemy had to go through to put their music out was pure hell. Kudos to Clyde Stubblefield for participating in the document, dude is truly a legend on the drums. So check out this vid and enjoy! Continue reading

Skin: A Film by Ryan Hope

Skin from Ryan Hope on Vimeo.

I have been waiting forever for this to go public and come to the states like forever! Skin is a documentary that looks at the art side of tattoos. Ryan Hope documents a project for Garage Magazine where they choose random people to receive a free tattoo at will from Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Raymond Pettibon. I do have to note that some of the scenes contain some mature content. The visuals are dark but contemporary at the same time. There’s a scene in the doc that one of the art business men tells of an artist who tattooed pigs, yes pigs, when they were alive. Then once the pig died or was slaughtered they were skinned and the skin was stretched and put on a canvas. Crazy right, well it didn’t stop there, evidently the same artist has tattooed a human being and once that person passes on, the same thing will happen. The music used in the documentary matches the personalities of the people who were chosen and Ryan Hope makes everything flow well together. I was entrapped by this documentary the whole time.

First Time I Heard “First Time” by Diamond District

This song really resonated with me because it contains so much substance and creativity. Obviously my first time hearing this song was when I got the In The Ruff album which is a classic by the way. The first time I heard this song I instantly was reeled in by the sample “from that first time” my face instantly got ugly. The next thing I noticed was the haunting tone in the track that is mysterious followed by the classic sound of the that popular snare, you know the one used in Incarcerated Scarfaces. This song automatically provoked a steady headbob. Continue reading

Pete Rock Soul Survivor Documentary!!!

Pete is my all time favorite producer mainly because of the funk he brings to his records but he is true to his craft so naturally I had to post or at link provide the link to this documentary. For those who haven’t heard Soul Survivor you have 2 choice….choice 1: find a tall building, go the top floor, jump out the window…..choice 2: legitimately buy the album and sync it to your pod. I rather you go with the latter and Pete probably would too. Peep Continue reading