I Know Leopard – Daisy Eyes

Lost In The Trees – Past Life

JMT week of giving is generating some good ass music. This group is from North Carolina that just puts a cherry on top. The video was rather unique, I found it to be a bit mysterious. I’m surprised a good ole deer didn’t jump out in the road during the video, they are notorious for that down here.

Enjoy Some Pure Funk on My Born Day!

It’s my birthday and all the music that I listen to will be pure funk, something worthy of dancing to. I’m about to go cop a 40 and chill, enjoy!
Old School Funk:
Zapp & Roger – More Bounce to the Ounce

Modern Funk:
The Cool Kids – Boomin

MTNS – Lost Track of Time

This might be the next indie song to explode on the scene. From an Australian band called MTNS, this song is definitely pleasant to listen to. Skrillex, ModeStep, or somebody like that will probably remix it and before you know it you will have some sweat dripping club song, which wouldn’t bother me a bit. But enjoy the original for the time being!