Father John Misty covers Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’

Still an emotions provoking song even when sung by someone else. Legit

A Song To Play While Within Your Fortress of Solitude

So I was driving somewhere the other day and my mind was kind of wandering and not really focusing on one particular thing. I came to a portion of my drive where I just looked on the sides of the road and saw the trees with their orange, red, and brown leaves. The autumn foliage looks amazing in NC and I noticed that there weren’t many people on the road. At that point I recalled a sensation that I felt when on a couple of rides on my old bike last year. Peace came across me and I could feel the wind on my face and I could sense my eyes fighting the sun rays behind my wayfarers. At that moment the only song that I could think of was this song by Johnny Cash.

Even though the lyrics are kind of sinister, the melody is peaceful. I guess I thought about this song because its one of those songs that could provoke an emotional response from anyone. What I was seeing during my ride, what I was envisioning, and what I was thinking made sense, everything was in such harmony. Sometimes when I used to ride I remember using that time to reflect on life and who I am and I believe that this song is partially about self reflection, regret, and acceptance. Continue reading

Of Monsters and Men – Skeletons (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)

I’m feeling this version of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Skeletons” and I’m usually not a fan of the acoustic sound either. I believe it’s the female vocalist’s voice that made the difference in this song. This version has that live feel to it as well.

I definitely have to say that I like Of Monsters and Men’s version better but the synths used in the original weren’t too shabby either. I’ll let you see which version you prefer, here check out the original after the link–> Continue reading

Amazing songs by Astronauts, Etc*

The other day I was streaming through some music and I came across this song that I really didn’t attach myself to until it went off. I couldn’t help but to repeat the song over and over again. After a while I looked down at my pod to see who sung it and it was this artist named Astronaut, Etc. I never heard of him but I liked what I heard. Another thing that surprised me was that it was a cover. Usually, imo, the covers suck but this guy completely blew the originals out the water. Here listen to his cover of Youth Lagoon’s “17” Continue reading

The Weeknd drops a new mixtape (my 2 cents on it)!!

So The Weeknd decides to drop a random mixtape as far as I’m concerned and the mystery around this guy is no longer such a big deal. The name of the new project is called Echoes of Silence and it’s a short project with 9 tracks. For the tracks that were placed on the project I think that maybe 3 tracks will stay with me longer. One of those 3 tracks influenced me to write about the recent release and you won’t have to guess too hard which track that was. Continue reading