This is the Cam’ron I like to hear

Purple Haze was my joint and if this is what the sequel will sound like, I can dig it. Its good for you all to look back from time to time to see how far you have come. This is exactly what we have from Cam on U Wasn’t There. Fader also did a thorough breakdown of the song here. Its a good quick read, check it out.

Killa Cam Killa Cam Cam Killa Killa Killa Cam

The vocal sample…smh. Where the hell you find that? For those bassheads out there, this track will definitely give you a back massage in the car if you know what I mean. Lyrically, it can fill a Source notable quotable section on its own. This just really might be the realest since koom-bahya.

Shout out to Opera Steve.

Cam’ron – Killa Cam

8 Million Stories: Cam’ron – I.B.S.

camYou remember when Cam came back with that Come Home With Me album? He came back a lot slimmer than his COF/SDE days, he “use to be a stocky dude” as he says it. People were saying any and everything like they knew what the deal really was. This is the true story of the whole weight loss situation told by Cameron Giles himself. While the story is told well, Cam threw plenty of humor which makes the track just that much better. so it ain’t my fault if I shit on y’all, get it, get it, get it, get it? Continue reading

Missed Opportunity: 5 Songs That Should’ve Been A Hit

shouldvebeenahitThere have been countless times that I have put on the A&R/record executive hat and say what should have been a single for an artist. Some songs are just THAT good and the world needs to hear it. I pay attention to the choices these labels make regarding album singles. Back then, it used to be that the single would showcase what the artist is all about, the best song was the single. It’s pretty much the opposite now. For whatever reason, these songs didn’t have enough mass appeal to make it to the #1 spot but they could have. Some great songs shot themselves in the foot and killed any chance of it being a #1 hit.  There are countless variables that played a part with each track but these are 5 tracks that should have been a hit….at least the ones I can think of at the present moment. Continue reading

Halftime Show

Kia NBA Countdown - November 2, 2012

Imagine you’re watching the halftime show with the NBA Countdown crew and they introduce Cameron Giles to perform this joint out the blue. I always wished that would happen since way back when I first heard this tune – Cam would just randomly interrupts Sportscenter or something. With all the sports references, ESPN needs to make this happen and bring Cam up to Bristol. Ok maybe not, wishful thinking from me. Still, its a nice flip of the ESPN theme and Cam ripped it.

Continue reading

Wiz Khalifa – ONIFC (album review)

To tell you the truth I almost forgot about this album this year. But with the release of Taylor Allderdice I had to take a listen to Wiz’s newest project. I figured that this album would get me heated especially after that “Work Hard, Play Hard” bull that he put out. Anyways here’s what you can expect to hear if you haven’t purchased this album yet. Continue reading