How to make a love song with a gangsta-like theme

To most of us when we listen to a good R&B song were the main theme is about love and relationships, we tend to pick up on the portions that relate to us the most. For the most part a lot of the metaphors are not really complex and it’s clear what the message of the song is. Then there’s the other side of the tracks where artists choose to go a step or two deeper, lyrically, while still providing that smooth melodic feel. On that side of the tracks stands Erykah Badu Continue reading

“Who’s the best MC, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas”: Which album pair would you choose?

Random text conversation we were having yesterday that we decided to bring to the site. Which artist pair would you choose?

: so what’s your preference…..Life After Death and Ready to Die; Illmatic and Stillmatic; or Reasonable Doubt & Blueprint?
Satchford: That’s extremely tough, more so between Nas and BIG. I’m looking at the overall pkg. Let me think on it…
SwagGordon: it is a hard pick for sure
SwagGordon: each album gives off a different feel
Satchford: I think you can go through each album, not skipping any songs
SwagGordon: not sure about that
SwagGordon: I skip a few songs on The Blueprint
Satchford: I know I can, def for BIG and Nas
Satchford: Yea me too, only a couple though
Satchford: Life After Death had so many different tracks
Satchford: From Sky’s The Limit to Whats Beef to I Love The Dough
SwagGordon: there’s a couple tracks at the end of Reasonable Doubt that I skip Continue reading

Keep Yo Headdd Up!

Although I have neither type of automobile, this joint had me bouncing on the highway at 7am the other day. The vibe of it just gives you a good feeling and an ignorant head bob. Lost Boyz knew how to make a good chorus for sure. I remember reading an interesting little story about this beat while reading about the making of Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die. I never knew there was a connection between the two. Continue reading

Good Reads: The Making Of Hip Hop Classics…

Something that I really enjoy doing in my free time is reading the making of some of my favorite classic albums. XXL Mag and most recently Complex started publishing articles regarding this, digging deep into the minds of the people who helped create it. I’ve listed a few links for some of hip hop’s best ever rap albums. All are equally interesting. Brew some coffee and enjoy.
(Click on the album cover to read)

Continue reading

Common ft. Nas – Ghetto Dreams Song Review

Much anticipation since the 30 second Amazon clip that premiered a few months ago. Us heads have been waiting for this collaboration for years and now we have it. From the start, my head is bobbing as Common starts to speak about his dream woman.

“Til I get a nice chick to get me on some nice sh&t, crib, raise a kid, Labrador behind a white fence” – Nas

Lyrically, its signature Common and Nas. Both match the momentum of the production with an aggressive rhyme style. The subject matter was a bit of a surprise to me but it’s all Continue reading

Classic Ten Commandments to Shut Em Down

Was taking a casual listen to the songs in my library and I ran across this old P.E. / Pete Rock joint I had from back a while ago. I was vibing out to this funky melody joint then I done heard Chuck D say “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9” Take this to your nose on your small pinky nail
Public Enemy – “I Shut Em Down (Pete Rock remix)” check out 1:22~ Continue reading