I need to let this one soak in.

Food For Thought

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A few years ago I did a post showing rappers who played with the phrase food for thought in some very unique ways. Some of those same rappers are also dropping some real food for thought ideas and questions that require serious consideration. Perhaps I’m different but when Im listening to hip hop, most of the time I’m looking for a gem. Give me some substance to grasp to, something to ponder on. Hip hop is a beautiful thing because people get out some of the most amazing thoughts (yea, some are bullshit) and construct it meticulously. There never seems to be a shortage, whether its a track about shaking your ass, shooting you in the face, or talking about hard times, there always seems to be a line or two that grasps my attention. Ok, maybe I’m not finding nothing from Lil Jon’s Get Low but i’m definitely finding something in Mos Def’s Mr. Nigga. So when I hear these things, I write it down (dear moleskine…). Totally opinionated questions but definitely some head scratchers. Philosophical thoughts that only you can provide an answer for. Here are some lines that I’ve gathered over the last few months. If you got anymore, feel free to add in the comments. Continue reading

8 Million Stories: Big KRIT – They Got Us

3 quick stories in one track, KRITs describes some messed up situations that I’m sure you may have seen or heard about at one time. Marvin Gaye’s soulful voice caught my ears attention to make me realize what a good track this is. Get a listen and see if you feel the same.

Big KRIT – They Got Us

[Verse 1]
My nigga holla bang bang as the coppers pass
Cause just the other day they tried to rob the stash
Jammed up his cuz now he called from the pen
They got him praying for his bail so they won’t take his kids
Cause his baby momma act out, she’d done backed out
Sold everything in the house cause she cracked out
He turned to me so much pain in his eyes
Like he ain’t know being black and po came with a price
He took a toke as if it eased his mind
His nose running heavy cause he geeking lines
Clientele pulled up in a beamer truck
Served the driver and he said to me “they got us all fucked up” Continue reading

Big K.R.I.T. – 4Eva N A Day Mixtape Review

I’ve been looking forward to this album and honestly, I felt that KRIT would deliver so we’ll see if I was right. The theme here is following KRIT from the start to finish of his day. You gotta love that album cover, hopefully I love the music just as much. Let’s get into it.

1. 8:04AM (skit)
The start of the day. Good words from KRIT

2. Wake Up

“Gotta be realistic, stop talking and listen, cause at the blink of an eye your life’ll pass you by, good Lord you missed it”

KRIT start the tape in similar fashion as his last with the “get up and do your thing” theme (see Rise & Shine). This is a smooth tune with a nice long sax note that makes it mellow to the 10th degree. It’s kind of a short song but KRIT still manage to drops some wisdom. Nice track. Continue reading

Song Review: T.I. ft. Big KRIT – “I’m Flexin”

It’s good to see T.I. back. He’s been one of my favorite MCs for a minute. I been a fan since “I’m Serious” and that’s largely because of his consistency to drop good music. On “I’m Flexin”, Big KRIT laced the beat and chorus while T.I. handled the verses. I would have liked to hear a KRIT verse too but I can’t get all my wishes every time.

“Feds want me back behind that wall, that’s the only place that I can’t go”

The beat is a typical KRIT production. The more and more I hear his beats, the more and more they sound like those old Three 6 Mafia joints from back in the day. I ain’t mad at Continue reading