Black Milk – No Poison No Paradise (Album Review)

It literally feels like it has been forever since we’ve had a new album from Black Milk. Whats even crazier is that I get a new album from one of my favorite producers this month and Satch gets a new album from one of his favorite producers, Oddisee, as well. I’m kind of anxious to hear what this new Black Milk sounds like so let’s dive into it. Continue reading

“cups of the rosay, b*$@hes in my old phone…”

I was browsing thru movies on netflix and I came across this joint. Peep a young Leonardo DiCaprio. I always thought that Drizzy titled this song because of Marvin Gaye, but now I’m not 100% about that. There’s got to be a Drake fanatic out there that could explain this to me.