See me hanging out the window screaming what! what!

I been jamming to this one for a while to work, the beat bangs. Those humorous lines are why I fool with Bam Bam. Good music.

Spitta and Bronson

This is a connection I like to see. Two strong verses. Smooth sample. No complaints here. The Drive In Theatre coming soon.

“frog man bring it in, Operation BattleToad” – Currensy

“Pictures with the jockey in the winner’s circle / triple crown on, all brown on” – Bronson

Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap (Album Review)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but the timing is right. With this new Chance the Rapper mixtape we will get to see how he has developed as an artist since his debut release 10day. I have been paying attention to what he’s been working on lately and who he works with so this should be interesting. So let’s get into it. Continue reading

The Bronson Burger!!

Initially when I first heard people talking about Action Bronson cooking I was like Ok maybe it’s something that he mentioned in a song. After a few more mentions of his cooking in interviews I had to look it up and BOOM there it was, this figga in the kitchen getting busy. This thang had me rollin.