After hearing ’47 Bars’, it brought me back to this gem from a few years back. With the rest of the camp getting most of the shine, Soul still seems to have this title. Top Dawg Under Dawg. In due time, i guess.

Finding Poetry in Today’s Hip Hop Music

Sometimes on my journey for new music I get so wrapped up in just finding a new sound that I sometimes overlook songs that deserve my attention. But there comes a time when a dry spell hits, Satch knows, and you have to revisit some of music that you slid through when you first heard it. I had one of those situations happen to me after I listened to Ab-Soul’s Control System album. My taste of music today is a bit different from what it was maybe like 7 years ago. I was definitely heavily into Nas, Common, Talib Kweli, and all of the lyricists. Somewhere along Continue reading