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50 makes the best hooks ever. He deserved to get a verse on this one. Always dug this track


Start at 1:35-ish. This clip always keep my laughing, Timbo and Busta chilling in the studio. Busta starts playing with Timbaland’s keyboard and the excitement on his face when he finds a catchy loop is priceless. hahaha.¬†“SEE HOW HAPPY HE GET!?!?”


Did this track ever come out? No idea. If yall know, let me know.

The Vault of the Almost Forgotten Pt.2: Get Rich Or Die Tryin (Soundtrack)

Every once in a while I ravage through my collection of cd’s and I come across some albums that I haven’t listened to in forever. Most of them are for a good reason but some special ones need to be sync’d to the pod immediately. This morning I did the same thing and I came across the soundtrack to the ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ movie. I remember hearing this album for the first time and thinking “damn I never heard such a good movie soundtrack”. This album definitely came out when 50 was on a roll. So let’s revisit this joint. Continue reading

!llmind – Behind The Curtain Album Review

As one of the most underrated producers today, !llmind continues to grow and impress listeners with his versatile style. He has the ability to create stunning audio landscapes using various sounds, elements and/or samples. You would think that a producer like this would have released some type of instrumental album by now but that isn’t the case. This is !llmind’s first official instrumental album release and once I heard about it, I was excited to get a listen. Continue reading