Drake – Nothing Was The Same (Album Review)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this album. I knew what I wanted to hear from it. I wanted to hear some of that mellow music that he makes and some of those hookah lounge exotic productions from 40. I wanted to hear those humble verses that he spits from time to time that lets you know how talented he really is. I want to hear songs that I could chill and hit the hookah to. I want to hear that Toronto shit. I try not to make my expectations high at this point so let’s see what we are working with. Continue reading

Passion Pit’s ‘Gossamer’ album full stream!

Damn this joint is scheduled to drop July 24th, no comment. I had my thoughts about putting this album up for full stream but it seems that a lot of the big name sites have already done so, so F it. I’m not going to review this joint but in my opinion the first half of the album dwarfs the second half. Enjoy this full stream with a tracklist after the link. Continue reading

An Ah-Ha! Moment in sampling history

So this week I was at work and I went to an area of the my building where the hippie type of old heads sit at. So I was leaning on somebody’s cube entrance way, feeling like I should have been in Office Space, awaiting some documents. The hippies area is known for blasting those old jams that like nobody who was normal would no the names to. So I was standing there listening to some rock n roll song and all of a sudden these horns come in and I’m like wow, that sound is vaguely familiar. Continue reading