Wild Nothing – Counting Days

I’m enjoying listening to this song. It’s so pleasant and it makes me want to hear more from this artist.

Just My…Favorites 2013: Biggest Disappointment

Every year there is an album or mixtape that you may look to because that artist’s previous work was top tier. Or maybe that artist has been on a roll and you are just filled with anticipation but then reality hits and they drop the ball big time. Here’s our moments of disappointment Continue reading

New Overdoz out this Thursday!

Evidently Overdoz has a new project called “BOOM” which is due out this Thursday, November 14. Even though we’ve heard half of the songs already it’s still exciting to hear some new music from the group and some new THC productions! Until then enjoy this old Overdoz joint…
Don’t Know What to Do

Advice of the Day: Listen to Panama’s Always EP

Speaking of Panama huh. I was surprised that this new album got by me. Entitled Always EP, the new project from Panama features 3 songs that are amazing in their own right. I especially enjoy the first two songs. I believe the last song will have to grow on me. So take a listen and see if you like at least one of these songs.

Another Album That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On This Year

It’s nice to hear a song from a band that you have never heard of and like it. It’s even better when that band releases a full album without all of the promotional timeline bull@#@t and it’s actually worthy of playing all the way through without skipping a single track. This is rare in the indie world.

Made in Japan has managed to do that with the release of their new album Tame All Those Thoughts. My first encounter with the band came after I heard their song Follow the Leader. I thought of this band to be similar to Panama but with more free energy and a bit more experimental. For some reason I am surprised by the quality of this new album. The album starts out with a song called Continue reading