Mausi – Move

Every once in a while on my voyage to find songs that have the same or a better feel that MGMT’s “Electric Feel” I get lucky enough to come across some true gems and this song by Mausi is truly one of those gems. I don’t have to tell you to enjoy this one because you will have no choice once you push that play button.


You can start to hear lyricism creep back into the music of today and it’s something that shouldn’t go without attention so here’s the verses we would like to shed some light this past year.
1. Chance the Rapper – Long Time [verse 1]

“I saw reflection in a toilet full of vomit water, you’ll think I felt your hand on my head yelling call his father, but people don’t hear ghost, so how they gon play me” How can you make such a serious situation sound so funny, now that’s talent if I ever seen it in my life. “like how you got the drive, but don’t know how to drive a stick shift” Agony and resilience are what I hear when I listen to this verse. Continue reading

Hot Chip – Flutes

The intro to the song just captured me and maintained a serious grip on my head. I came across this band maybe like 2 years ago. This song would make for an excellent hip hop song if somebody did it right and contributed a phenomenal drum loop. If they remade Scarface and they would have to be playing this song in the club while Elvira is dancing, it just got that feel to it. Enjoy! Continue reading

Song of the Week (outside of hip hop)

This week’s selection comes from a HP commercial. I heard the song playing in the background and it had a crazy amount of energy, so I just had to have it. Needle to vein, OD’ed. The reverb on this joint is so ill. I don’t know much about this band, seeing that I just got my first listen to them not too long ago, but I will be checking out their album ‘Welcome Reality‘. If this continues the mixtape for the song of the week series will have an overload of energy. Enjoy this week’s selection. Continue reading

Our Candidates for the 2012 Album of the Year thus far…

The year is halfway complete and you can say that we are midway through the summer. So far the year has been full of excellent music and there’s still more to come. A slew of artists have released mixtapes that have caused the servers of some sites to go wild. Comments sections on many blogs have been bombarded with various opinions. Outside of the music itself hip hop has seen some drama, mostly revolving around Drake. The news of Frank Ocean’s sexuality has also been put on the spot and criticized and the subject has been ridiculed. We have decided to focus more on the music aspect and reveal our top 3 candidates for Album of the Year so far. Continue reading