Hus Kingpin – Boss Material 2 ft. Roc Marciano

Short but sweet. His new tape “The Cognac Tape”, sounds like it might have a couple of banger up there.

Bas – Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. ii Album Review

So I got a little treat in the inbox and it’s from an artist that I haven’t heard much from before. Dude is on DreamVille so he gotta have some heat. I’m curious about a few things and that’s will he sound like J.Cole, if not has he found his voice, does his sound blend right in with all of the monkey say monkey do shit that’s out today, and finally can he make me a fan. This should be interesting so let’s get into it. Continue reading

Gerald Walker & Cardo – On Your Side Pt.II (album review)

First off that cover artwork reminds me of one of Big Krit’s projects. I have to admit that this album pretty much snuck upon me and this review is overdue. Gerald Walker is pretty new to me and I just hope that I can give this project a fair shake. Cardo on the other hand I have been following for some time. He’s becoming a monster on the beats and when he teams up with Sledgren and Wiz they make some good music, so it’s time to hear part 2 of his collab with Gerald Walker to see if he can maintain his consistency. Let’s get into it. Continue reading

My 2 Favorite Tracks from Clams Casino’s Instrumental Tape

Clams released an instrumental tape a while back and I have been listening to it from time to time. I have to say that his productions do more for me than hearing somebody slaughter his beats. I let Satch get a listen to the tape and he said that most of the beats sound the same, I have to agree with his statement. But where we differ in opinion is how we feel about that. I like his beats for the most part, you can tell that he has plenty of potential and I just hope that he continues to grow and put more passion behind it as he goes forward. The two tracks that I enjoy listening to the most are Continue reading

How many artist lie in their verses?? Not sure but I know one who does…

For a long time I have been wanting to do this. To clear up some confusion, if there is any, I understand that some artist may exaggerate their lyrics in order to make a point or send a message. I also understand that artist are allowed to rap from the prospective of people they know or just characters they may portray. I respect artist for taking advantage of their creativity for the betterment of mankind but there’s a time when you have to draw the line. So let me bring to your attention a particular verse by the artist known as Uncle Murda that I have to call shenanigans on. Continue reading

Radio Galaxy samples a Kid Cudi song??

It’s hard to write and watch the All Star game at the same time but I must let others know what I heard before I forget about it. So today I was doing some cleaning and I decided to blast Kid Cudi’s ‘Man on the Moon’ album since his new project is scheduled to release this Tuesday! So by now everybody knows how that album goes and what level the music is on. It has some space age to it and most of the tracks reflect that theme. So I get to one track from the album called “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Pt. 1)” and Continue reading

De-Script-ive……an unauthorized audiobiography

I just recently purchased Jay-Z’s Decoded and the book is very informative. Jay describes his rhymes, reasons, methods, background, and more. Don’t get me wrong I am a Jigga fan but this book totally exaggerates his greatness. People will instantly eat into his views and dick ride him all the way home. So I believe making a judgement without exploring the other side of the pendulum is not judgement at all, its bias. So what I’m interested in doing is kind of showing some of Nas’ work too and maybe others.   Continue reading